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Electronic Verification Agreement

Notice: TXOL Internet is required by law to control outgoing spam. If at any time an account registered with TXOL Internet is suspected of sending spam we are notified and are required to investigate whether the account is complying with the US-Can-Spam Act, or FCC Net Neutrality Rules. These rules apply to anyone that sends emails using mailing lists, bulk emails, or subscriber services. TXOL makes every effort to maintain spam free sending of emails from our servers. Anyone not complying with the TXOL "Terms of Service" Agreement or not complying with applicable laws applying to Email use is subject to having their email accounts blocked. If TXOL receives notification of possible spam abuse, TXOL will attempt to notify the account holder via the email provided on the electronic verification agreement.

This electronic verification agreement is required for anyone that uses TXOL Internet Email Services, that send 25 or more emails in mailing lists, bulk mail, or subscriber services. If you send less than 25 you are not required to sign this form until your list exceeds 25. These are the basic requirements to be in compliance with US-Can-Spam Act , FCC Net Neutrality Rules, and TXOL Internet. You must have at least 25 verified subscribers to your email lists, bulk email, or subscriber lists, and must maintain them. You can send your mailing lists, bulk email, or subscriber lists users an email asking if they want to receive your emails. A Reply email is proof of verification that they want to receive your emails. At the bottom of your emails you must have your name or business name, mailing address, phone number, and unsubscribe option. Your unsubscribe option can be as simple as this: To unsubscribe reply to this email and in the subject line type in "Unsubscribe".


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